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EDO-CSDA supports community projects by providing funding, technical assistance, and capacity-building support to empower communities to plan, implement, and manage their development initiatives.

EDO-CSDA prioritizes projects that address critical community needs, such as healthcare facilities, educational infrastructure, water supply systems, and livelihood enhancement programs.

Communities can access funding for development projects by submitting project proposals to EDO-CSDA, demonstrating the project’s alignment with community needs and priorities.

EDO-CSDA selects projects for funding based on criteria such as community participation, project feasibility, sustainability, potential impact on poverty reduction, and service

Individuals can get involved in community development initiatives by participating in community meetings, volunteering their time and skills, or joining Community Project Management Committees (CPMCs) for project implementation oversight.

EDO-CSDA collaborates with government agencies, non-profit organizations, community-based organizations, and other stakeholders to leverage resources, expertise, and networks for effective and sustainable community development.

Individuals can stay informed about EDO-CSDA’s activities and upcoming events by visiting the agency’s website, following its social media channels, subscribing to newsletters, or attending community meetings and workshops.